Choose the Path of Least Resistance

Choose the Path of Least Resistance


This is the type of mental freedom and flexibility that we need for the 21st century. It is a total 360 from what we have experienced thus far. Before, we always held the belief that we had to do everything possible in order to make something happen. We don’t get anything when we don’t do anything, right? It’s such a fatal belief that we have to build power, and continuously feed it in order to keep us alive. Can you imagine how much of our precious life energy that eats up on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? And then we go on vacation in order to try and rejuvenate ourselves, just to get back to zero, and feel some sense of normality. But it is often the case that it is at this point that we just fall ill, or collapse, just as it was with me, and many others as well. Is this going to apply to you sooner or later? Most likely not, since you are on the road to making a positive change.

My experience with energy is distinct, in that energy is omnipresent, it doesn’t have to be produced or delivered. It is freely available, costs nothing, and is infinite. Just think about that, infinite energy! Science fiction? No, not in my opinion. It is an everyday presence. Have you ever asked why the sun is out everyday, and where its energy comes from? Perhaps you’re wondering what kind of pills I’m on? No, I haven’t taken any pills, but when the parallel is already there, then let me take advantage of it. There is only one pill available, and it’s not something to take, it’s something to experience. It’s called trust. Trust in yourself and in life itself.

That means no longer trying to run around controlling own our lives, and the lives of those around us, in the illusion that we know everything better than the rest, and that we can successfully plan out every minute of our lives. Instead, we take our hands off the steering wheel of our lives, and allow life to happen to us. The only active response that it requires from us is that we open up to explore and willingly recognize our mission and our purpose in life, and learn to read the signs guiding us in that direction. But we have to prepare ourselves to accept that there are no coincidences in life, and to regard these signs as meaningful signals for our mission, and purpose.


Change_Leader_inside_www.stefan-goetz.com_111If you can live in this awareness, you will be able to develop previously untapped potential, and surprise yourself everyday, just as I often experience nowadays. We learn to read energy, just as others learn to drive, and we move towards that energy that calls upon us. That’s how highly intelligent dolphins function when they go out in search of food. They follow a school of dolphins, in order to encircle a school of fish, driving them way up to the surface. When the cycle is completed, there is nourishment available for all.


In soccer, or football as it called outside of the US, we also call it being able to “Read the game”. Good players are not only good at the ball, defense, tactics, being team players, or good goal shooters, but they lead the game by reading it. That means that they pick up on when the match needs more tempo, more order, more openness, or more risk. They virtually become the match itself. Athletes like Sebastian Schweinsteiger or Philipp Lahm of FC Bayern master this quality, and are invaluable to their team, because they don’t run blindly after a specific goal, instead they respond in support to exactly what is going on at the moment.

Photo by Stefan Götz

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