Competition and Cooperation – Huberbuam Brothers (Extreme climbers)

Competition and Cooperation – Huberbuam Brothers (Extreme climbers)


In life it’s not about being better than others, but to be your personal best, to find your own limits.Dean Potter


Stefan Götz: „Dean Potter said in the film – and I think it matches quite well: „”In life it’s not about being better than others, but to be your personal best, to find your own limits.” Is that the essence of what it means to be a team? You are in competitionwith one another anyhow, you’re brothers, and innately competitive, but that competition is beneficial because each of you seeks out his own personal best.“


Alexander Huber: „It can be clearly said that in our case it is this positive competitiveness which has been a foundation for the growth of our success. There’s no competitive reason or grounds for me to be envious about my brother’s achievements, on the contrary – I find it motivating. Whenever Thomas is totally fit and marching ahead, then it doesn’t make me envious, it just provides me with new motivation to keep on training myself, and get back up to the level, because ultimately it’s like this: The world is constantly in training. All over the world there are constantly hundreds and thousands of activities going on, no matter in which field, but for us it’s just about climbing mountains.Change_Leader_inside_www.stefan-goetz.com_143They go on totally independent of what my brother does, and to me, it’s only important what I myself do. And so a higher performance from my brother can only bring about motivation. And when it’s like that, it can only be a positive competition, because it drives the other. And that’s ultimately exactly the same in fields of science, or in the business sector. It’s not about being envious of others because they’ve done something good on paper, it’s about putting an effort out there for oneself.”


Stefan Götz: „That one puts an effort out there for himself. So that the energy is not focused towards the other in competition, but towards oneself, to incite oneself and say: I’m going to find out what my personal best is.“

Alexander Huber: „That’s the best possible corporate culture.“

Stefan Götz: „That’s what we’re ultimately searching for, and what the both of you, I’d say, set an example for. You’re both alpha types, each is an individual, and you put an effort out there for one another are happy for each other’s success.“

Thomas Huber: “Nevertheless, I want to say something, now I’m fully there.“

Stefan Götz: „(laughing) Go on!“

Thomas Huber: “Why do we do it? Because we – and this is really a divine word which comes from joy and passion – because we are curious. The biggest accomplishment is when we experience this and arrive at this curiosity, where we keep on chiseling away at each step that we take.“

Stefan Götz: „That only brings you further.“

Thomas Huber: „When various companies take on this attitude, this curiosity, this childishness, this joy, then it’s often the case that things function much differently, better, and much more simply.“


Photo by Andreas Bröckel

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