How 7.0 Inspired Organizations – FlexFlow Organizations may Reinvent Business

How 7.0 Inspired Organizations – FlexFlow Organizations may Reinvent Business

1.0 to 6.0 organizations belong to the realm of First Tier Organizations. The jump to 7.0 lands us in the realm of a Second Tier Organization – a totally new dimension of consciousness and economic paradigm. Individual and organizational behavior at this level is less driven by the limitations of the ego and the unconsciousness of underlying emotions. StefanGoetz_Purpose-driven_ChangeLeaderHere we have the ability to perceive a much greater field of potential, and plug ourselves into it. Something like a Wiki-potential.

While „green“ leaders are still functioning with an “either or” frame of mind, “yellow” leaders can integrate apparent contradictions at a higher level into broader solutions. “Yellow” leaders have the capacity and the desire to be aware of the whole picture from every angle. „FlexFlow“ organizations are process oriented, and develop an intelligence that goes far beyond rational, emotional, and relationship skills. They develop an inner awareness for their mission, their contribution to the big picture, and solutions that equally serve the people, the planet, and profit. Change Leaders, as I call them, have the ability to perceive the big picture, and have a clear and distinct presence about them. This presence follows a process that social researcher and management thinker Peter Senge and his colleagues (Scharmer, Flowers & Jaworski) call “Presencing”, which I describe in detail in chapter 4. At this level, communication goes beyond simple substantive dialogue in a situation or an organization where the potential of an individual is concerned. In order to remain unrestricted, it is vital to detach from the individual ego of the person involved.I find the following organizations to be especially interesting and relevant: Ricardo Semler’s SEMCO in Brazil, Elon Musk’s TESLA Motors, the „Young Global Leaders“- a young group of Change Leaders who take part in The World Economic Forum in Davos, and Fairphone in the Netherlands. There are a number of other organizations I could also mention here, who are operating on the principle of shareconomy.

Organizationz beyond yellow show a holistic, connection to everyone and everything. Maybe you’ve already heard about the butterfly effect, which is associated with the research of American meteorologist Edward Lorenz. Lorenz discovered that a small change in initial conditions at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. During a lecture in 1972, he posed this insightful question: “Can the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?” In addition to the principle of collective intelligence, holistic organizations operate through networked learning, leading from the future, and ultimately, the experience of correlations in chaos. They are successful in transformations that are good for the society and business because they originate from a higher source of perception. „Bio-mimicry“ is a design principle formed by a holistic organization, and based on the fundamentals of nature. Nature is cyclical. In the cycle of the earth’s seasons, there is no waste – the leaves that fall from the tress in autumn will be transformed into soil for the coming spring. This „Circular economy“ adopts this approach, and formulates incredibly interesting business models out of it.

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