How the Quantumleap in Business will Happen.

10 Principles on How We Surf The Digital Age

  1. Sharing instead of owning is the future of business.
  2. Profit is not the problem, lack of purpose is.
  3. Next generation businesses start with purpose as it will serve all: People, Planet and Profit alike.
  4. Purpose is a more profound and powerful answer to the question what is our highest future potential.
  5. Purpose is about human potential development as potential unfolding is unlimited, ressources aren’t.
  6. Business is about people and relationships as strategies aren’t build by robot.
  7. Your former competitor may not be your future competitor.
  8. Benchmarking gets you only as good as your competitor
  9. Digital leadership is about creating more leaders rather than fans.
  10. Profit is not at the start of business. It is the natural outcome.

Business is at a cross-road:
We either learn how to surf on disruptive change or get crashed by it’s wave.
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Stefan Götz


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