The Essence of Change Leaders

The Essence of Change Leaders


Here is the good news: There are countless others just like you, worldwide, pondering just the same thing. There are so many who have come to this point now, that the time is ripe for change. The next era of consciousness is revealing a new window of potential, which carries a blueprint, filled with impulses, inspiration, and ideas from the future. An integral future will give birth to comprehensive solutions to the global problems we are faced with today.

For people like you and I, Change Leadership isn’t about finding a superior coaching or leadership approach to make ” more out of less” or “bigger and better” results for business or for our soceity. Being a true Change Leader means that we can no longer not do our part to contribute to the good of the planet. This why I consider the following 4 elements key to any Change Leader.

Change Leaders create more change leaders, not fansStefan Götz

Change Leaders inspire everyone to experience the power of transformation. They enable others to become change leaders themselves – not create fans or followers. They support people in developing their own consciousness, and a greater understanding of the important role that deep, trusting relationships have in the healthy development of our culture.


Change Leaders are like seismographs that reveal important shiftsStefan Götz

Change Leaders don’t engage in battles against present circumstances. On the contrary, they are grateful for all that has led up to this very moment. Experience stimulates their curiosity to discover even more possibilities, for themselves and especially for the collective.

They are connected to the here and now. Their antennas are picking up countless new opportunities from the future – just like seismographs that observe, listen, feel, and sense what wants to manifest. Change Leaders have the awareness that an extraordinary potential-filled life is possible when we live life’s unresolved questions. Clear-cut answers and ancient paradigms are no replacement for freedom. That is what constitutes a meaningful life.

Change Leaders transform, rather than changeStefan Götz

When people are inspired through their own awareness to make a unique contribution to the planet, entrepreneurial change comes naturally – without social movements for change. This awareness has the energy to transform existing strategies, leadership, and our culture as a whole.

Acting out of this consciousness, organizations have the power to enrich our lives and transform the status quo of our world: Transformative business models, products and services, and subsequently the people, the planet and profit benefit alike. It all just occurs naturally.


Change Leaders are ordinary people; just like you and meStefan Götz

Change Leaders are committed to their vocation and to the progress of mankind as a whole. For them, titles, defined roles, or high positions have no real significance. What really matters is honesty, integrity, and the well being of the people with whom they share their lives. Thus, we are all born to be Change Leaders.

Over time, most of us have forgotten, whether a prince or a pauper, we are all cut from the same cloth. As soon as we can re-integrate this truth into our lives, we will create a world in which we can all grow together – people, planet and profit alike.


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