The Next Wave in Business – The Power of an „Integral Map“ for Organizations 7.0 – Now at amazon„. provides concrete tools to apply integral thinking into the corporate world“ Arndt Corts, Integral Coach

Inspired Organizations as we call them are process oriented, and develop an intelligence that goes far beyond rational, emotional, and relationship skills. They have the ability to perceive a much greater field of potential, and plug themselves into it something like a Wiki-potential.They develop an inner awareness for their purpose, their contribution to the big picture, and solutions that equally serve the people, the planet, and profit.

eBook now at amazon


Key Issues

  • How Organizations can be Inspired by Neurobiology
  • What is the Integral Order of the (7.0) Marketplace
  • Why are 5.0 Companies considered burnt-out in 7.0 Markets
  • What is the Integral Map for Future Organizations 7.0
  • How does a Culture of Unfolding Potential look like
  • Which Organizations are already Unfolding their Potential
  • How Organizational Potential unfolds through purpose
  • What is the Integral Potential of the German Economy

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