Inspired to Crowdfund “The Next Wave in Business” – Now Official GO

Inspired to Crowdfund “The Next Wave in Business” – Now Official GO

This book is not a book, it is a movement!

Did this book find its way to you because you want to be a part of a new way for our society and economy? Good! The world is in desperate need of something new and innovative – a real breakthrough! The world needs reflective individuals like you who cultivate a true enthusiasm and joy for all of life. You are a part of this change.

How can you support the book?

become 1 of at least 100 fans, the threshold to start the funding phase:

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  1. Clem Molloy Author April 14, 2015 (8:47 am)


    This is an exciting development. It has been suggested that I should look at crowdfunding for the book I am currently writing on dynamic organisations, which embraces the challenges ahead in terms of complexity, self-organisation, emergence, innovation, collaborative capability, fluent leader-follower dynamics and so on.

    So I am keen to learn how this works and what I have to do to be part of the movement.

    Regards, Clem.

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