The Next Wave in Business
How the new economic paradigm propels the creation of next generation businesses

Since over 20 years, the author has been an inspirational mentor, passionate culture-architect, and visionary companion for individual and organizational change processes. Through the wealth of his experience, this book illustrates just what an enormous potential and historic opportunity we can now access, with the new revolutionary consciousness of Change Leaders in our society and economic community.

People who are dynamic in the new economic culture are operating from their inner core, with the impact to create change for the greater good. Discovering integral and creative solutions that will serve all – people, planet, and profit alike. This book decodes this evolutionary awareness, providing practical models, tools and examples from the spectra of eastern and western consciousness, so that everyone can discover and develop the Change Leader inside himself.

For an economy that serves all.

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What for me was first an adventure, now comes to you for inspiration.
What prompted me to write this book

My deepest heart’s desire: That the untapped potential of each and every human being can come to light in order make a real difference in our lives, the lives of our families, the community, networks, and organizations – spanning all over the globe.

In today’s business world, billions are being wasted on outdated, inefficient and obsolete management methods that don’t get to the actual core of the matter for the challenges we face on all levels. Economic crises, environmental disasters, but also personal crises such as burnout syndrome or other challenging events are causing people to take a slow but steady look and re-think the state of the human condition. It is clear that we need to see more fundamental changes happening – ones that we all have a real longing for.

Many companies are even beginning to realize that the old way of doing things cannot go on – with profit maximizing, limitless growth, and cost-cutting programs – it has since long been clear that we are hitting the roof with our current development, and now the only way is down.

This emerging new era of consciousness opens a window filled with impulses and inspiration from the future, revealing opportunities and potential that aren’t visible through the old lenses of archaic paradigms. It has nothing to do with even trying to improve the old system, but instead, adopting a radical new way of thinking. It’s time to download your new software! My book CHANGE LEADER inside offers a tangible and feasible vision for an economy that can transform this planet into a sustainable system of life that serves all.

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