The Next Wave in Business “Change Leaders Consciousness Make a Difference” now at amazon„Thank you Mr. Götz for writing such a pioneering book.“ Baerbel Roepke-Stieghorst, Head Trainer and Coach

Elon Musk, Ricardo Semler, Götz Werner, Ellen MacArthur, Christian Felber, Brian Chesky, all Change Leaders of their kind who share a level of consciousness that reveals a new window of potential, which carries a blueprint, filled with impulses, inspiration, and ideas from the future. Acting out of this consciousness, organizations have the power to enrich our lives and transform the status quo of our world:

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Key Issues

  • The Essence of Change Leaders
  • Competition and Cooperation–Huberbuam (Extreme climbers)
  • 1,500 years of Leadership–Dr. Notker Wolf (Benedictine Abbot Primate)
  • Drugstore chain dm – Götz Werner (Anthroposophist)
  • Tesla – Elon Musk (Multi-visionary, doer, rule-breaker)
  • Eye to Eye in Brazil – Manager-Free Semco
  • Circular Economy & Fairphone – Inspiration from Nature
  • Economy for the Common Good – Our Future?

The Next Wave in Business +++ Integral Leadership: The answer from the future +++ now at amazon„ ..reading the book really strengthend my belief that business of the future is human.“  Ulrike Suhr, Marketing Director CGI

Integral Leadership means being connected to the here and now and it’s tremendous power of potential unfolding. Change Leaders, masters of Integral Leadership, dispose of antennas through which they are picking up countless new opportunities from the future – just like seismographs that observe, listen, feel, and sense what wants to manifest. This consciousness has the energy to transform existing strategies, leadership, and our culture as a whole.

eBook now at amazon


Key Issues

  • Potential of Integral Leadership to Unfold Corporate Potential
  • Communication, Culture & Strategy Emerging from the Future
  • The Power of Change Coming from your Purpose
  • Change Leaders are Guided by their Integral Inner Compass
  • Inspired Organizations live an Integral Entrepreneurial Compass





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