The Next Wave in Business: Purpose-Driven?  +++ Stefan speaks at the DIF London +++

The Next Wave in Business: Purpose-Driven? +++ Stefan speaks at the DIF London +++

DIF – Disruptive Innovation Festival on Nov 24th, 12:00 GMT online

The Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) is an online, open access event that invites thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses, designers and learners to explore the question “The economy is changing – what do I need to know, experience and do?”

181 countries participated in DIF 2015

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20,000+ attendes


The Next Wave in Business: Purpose-Driven?
The Future of Work!

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en_buch_coverPeople who are dynamic in the new economic culture are operating from their inner core, with the impact to create change for the greater good. Discovering integral and creative solutions that will serve all – people, planet, and profit alike. We will have a look at an evolutionary awareness, providing practical models, tools and examples from the spectra of eastern and western consciousness, so that everyone can discover and develop the Change Leader inside himself.

For an economy that serves all: purpose, people, planet and profit.


Stefan Götz

Stefan Götz – Version 8Stefan is a CEO and an entrepreneur, change leader, conscious leadership advisor, inspired mentor, creative thinker, corporate culture transformist, author, speaker and strategic learning partner to leaders who create next generation businesses. His work is transforming the business paradigm to the 21 century by building workplaces of individual and organizational potential unfolding. He guides the progressive and extraordinary leaders, their teams, and businesses to meaningful and sustainable success by focusing on purpose, collaboration, and vibrant company culture through “Conscious Leadership in Action”.


Economy for the Common Good – Our Future?

Economy for the Common Good – Our Future?

„Germans wish for a new economic order – to Germans, growth and money are not so important – the environment and social equality are much more so” Die Zeit 8/15/2012


Renowned German weekly newspaper “Die Zeit“ wrote on 8.15.2012: „Germans wish for a new economic order – to Germans, growth and money are not so important –
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Fairphone – Changes The Way Products Are Made

Fairphone – Changes The Way Products Are Made

This project has more to do with triggering change, rather than trying to solve all the problems in the world at once.Bas van Abel



„35 year-old Bas van Abel collaborated with 10 others to put together the first “fair” smartphone. A smartphone that doesn’t use any resources from conflict-zones, or the workforce of Chinese laborers in horrible conditions, nor does it involve filling up the bank accounts of the greedy rich. Sound naive? Bas van Abel, who launched the project 2 years ago, certainly is not. He knows that he’s not going to save the world with his Fairphone: ‚This project has more to do with triggering change, rather than trying to solve all the problems in the world at once.’This Dutch guy wants to demonstrate what we can achieve when we give it a go.“[1]The goal was to create a “fair” smartphone for consumers that had the technology and a competitive price on par with established providers, but one that was not created with the use of conflicted resources and unfair labor conditions. The team managed to produce the first batch of 20,000 phones through crowd funding. Since December 2013, the phone is available for sale online, unseen and untested, at a cost of 325 Euro a pop, and sent out via mail, I bought one too.


Fairphone’s mission

Roos van de Weerd, Fairphone’s public engagement manager, explains: „Our project can only exert influence on other, larger companies such as Apple or Samsung if consumers show that they want transparency, fair deals and decent wages. We try to raise awareness. So far this has worked quite well.People are happy that there is finally a player in the industry making an effort to push these changes. Our goal is not to be a manufacturer who sells the highest quantity of objects, but to have an effect so that the “big” fish among us can learn and will be either inspired or compelled to follow us.“[2]


What is a Fairphone?

Conflict-free, quality material

A smartphone contains around 30 different types of metals. Two of these, tin and tantalum, come from regions that are considered conflict-free, and should therefore help hinder any money from ending up in the pockets of warlords. Fairphone also supports the “Conflict-Free Tin Initiative”, a developmental aid project for the Congo, in which other companies such as Blackberry, HP, Motorola and Nokia are involved. There is a similar project for Tantalum called “Solutions for Hope“, founded by Motorola and supported by Fairphone and a great number of other electronic manufacturers.


Bas_van_AbelFair production

Fairphone is interested in long-term relationships with manufacturers in China, because it requires perseverance and higher numbers to change the Chinese attitude. But even China knows that every development should be taken seriously, because the market for smartphones is so fast-paced. Who would have thought ten years ago that Samsung and Apple would dominate the market, and Nokia would be nearly dead and gone? Fairphone tries to spearhead a set of standards for a new collaborative direction with Chinese manufacturers. Fair production means fair working conditions, consideration of social and environmental aspects, and acquiring raw materials in a sustainable way.



Smarter design and an end to “disposable” phones

Roos van de Weerd also had this to say: „In order to ensure that people don’t just throw away their cell phones after two years, we will offer replacement parts online on our web shop, so that people can easily replace parts that no longer work.“ (Okur 2013) „In addition, not only will the glass screen be more robust, it will be much easier to replace as well. Instead of using the thinnest glass possible, in which the touch panel and screen are integrated as one, it was decided to make them separate pieces. Because of this, the phone will be 5 grams heavier, and 0.2 millimeters thicker as planned, but the risk of breakage is thus significantly reduced. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the Fairphone will still function even if the toughened and scratch-resistant Dragontrail glass breaks.“[3]


[1] Bernau, V. (2013): Fairphone statt iPhone: Wie gerechte Smartphones produziert werden sollen, in from 2/27/2013, download on 8/25/2013 at
[2] Okur, M. (2013): Wie fair ist das Fairphone?, in Wirtschaftswoche Green from 6/18/2013, download on 8/25/2013 at
[3] Labs, L. (2013): Auch das Fairphone wird in China gebaut, in heiseonline from 5/13/2013, download on 8/10/2013 at

Photo Fairphone
Photo Bas van Abel from Fairphone


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1,500 years of leadership – Dr. Notker Wolf (Benedictine Abbot Primate)

1,500 years of leadership – Dr. Notker Wolf (Benedictine Abbot Primate)

My job as a leader is actually to be an eternal listener, to myself, and to othersNotker Wolf


Some time ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Abbot Primate Notker Wolf in Rome. He is the highest-ranking of 25,000 Benedictine monks and nuns worldwide. I was especially curious and inspired by the question of how it can be possible to run a global organization the size of Porsche, maintain it for over 1,500 years, and still have growth on a global scale?
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Tesla – Elon Musk (Multi-visionary, doer, rule-breaker)

Tesla – Elon Musk (Multi-visionary, doer, rule-breaker)


If something is important enough you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure Elon Musk


„Since some time now, he amazes professionals, incites wonder in everyday people, and enthusiasm among investors when he tweets and speaks about his projects.“[1]

The German newspaper “Die Zeit” once referred to him as “Musk the genius”. It was meant as a sarcastic remark, but maybe he really is one.[2]

„And yet, Elon Musk seems to be somewhat shy at first glance, and insecure, apprehensive, if not downright modest when he speaks to his audience about his visions.
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Competition and Cooperation – Huberbuam Brothers (Extreme climbers)

Competition and Cooperation – Huberbuam Brothers (Extreme climbers)


In life it’s not about being better than others, but to be your personal best, to find your own limits.Dean Potter


Stefan Götz: „Dean Potter said in the film – and I think it matches quite well: „”In life it’s not about being better than others, but to be your personal best, to find your own limits.” Is that the essence of what it means to be a team? You are in competitionwith one another anyhow, you’re brothers, and innately competitive, but that competition is beneficial because each of you seeks out his own personal best.“
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Inspired to Crowdfund “The Next Wave in Business” – Now Official GO

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