How does the New Business Model of Co-operation Look Like ?

How does the New Business Model of Co-operation Look Like ?

In this Interview with Dr. Chuck Spezzano, US Bestselling Author on Personal Transformation, Stefan Götz reveals inspiring insights about how the new business model of co-operation looks like.

Core statements from Chuck Spezzano:

  • Now, making money is a good thing but how to have everybody make lots of money, everybody get lots of value.
  • A vision is continuous inspiration and so you don’t have to go to work.
  • It’s how do we get to change our own mind into partnership based where everybody wins, not just as some kind of saying but as a reality.
  • If Africa fails, we all fail, we’re all interconnected in the economy. Let’s find a way to work cooperatively. A lot of these companies that are competing, when they start cooperating, everything is going to work better.
  • It’s radical, but going in this independent modus, is like going 80 miles an hour to a brick wall. There’s a turn here. There’s geniuses in business, there are some of our best leaders and they’re meant to lead the world, but right now, we’re called upon to change in a crisis where you can’t keep the old system. You need a whole new system of business.
  • Buckminster Fuller, did a scientific study, what would happen if everybody worked together beyond borders, what if we all cooperated and he scientifically proved that in 10 years the poorest person today would be richer in 10 years than the richest person is today.

„…really inspiring…“


7 Leadership Practices to Support Organizational Change

7 Leadership Practices to Support Organizational Change

From my daily practice of supporting corporate clients who invite organizational change that sustains, I find the following 7 leadership practices Otto Scharmer speaks about, very helpful:

(1) deep listening
(2) asking powerful questions, drawing people out
(3) letting go and letting come
(4) holding the space for their teams
(5) focusing on what you could change rather than complaining about what you can’t
(6) connect to your heart, being empathic, and
(7) using systems thinking–„thinking from source“–attending to the complex connections between the individual and the collective, between the inner and the outer.

Full Article from Otto Scharmer „A Global Action Leadership School in the Making“ on Huffington Post

Photo Otto Scharmer by World Economic Forum / Adam Dean under

Otto Scharmer, author of „Leading from the Emerging Future, Presence and Theory U“, is a leading researcher from MIT who explores transfromational ways to indvidual, organizational and societal change.

1st European Integral Conference in Budapest

The Emergence of Integral Consciousness in Europe

In the past decade, integral consciousness has emerged on a large scale in continental Europe with unique characteristics and diverse cultural articulations. A new structure of consciousness is expressing itself in a wide variety of domains – ranging from psychology, spirituality, economics, ecology and sustainability – to leadership, politics, education, business, community building and beyond. The members of this extended community have been waiting to meet each other. We are giving birth to a European identity of the integral community, empowering Europeans with a significant role in the larger integral global movement. We will also examine where is integral at in Europe and what its new frontiers are.

  • Termin: May 8th to 11th, 2014
  • Ort: Budapest, Hungary
  • Zur Website