The Next Wave in Business – Ready for the paradigm shift of the new era? – Now at amazon„This book is a significant contribution to global change and really stands out…“
Susanne Strobach, Leadership Coach

There has been an emergence of a completely new network of possibilities and potentials – We just haven’t all picked it up on our radars yet. From our global, present point of view, which relates mostly to the Age of Enlightenment and Darwinism – we are operating on the most advanced operating system available thus far – “Competition Release 5.9″. And it did its job – up until now.


eBook – Now available at amazon

Key Issues

  • What is the new Economic Paradigm about
  • How does Generation Y already reflect this paradigm
  • How does the Shareconomy change our business models
  • How does Burn-out open up potential
  • How can we leap into Conscious Business